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The Most Important Things To Know About Garage Door Spring Replacement

Each time your garage door opens and closes, there is a spring system helping to lower or raise that door, which is activated by your garage door opener. These springs are responsible for safely moving hundreds of pounds of weight, so even the highest quality spring is going to eventually get worn out or break and need to be replaced.

At Mountain Garage Door, we care about you and the quality of your garage door system. Below we will explain to you the most important things to know about your garage door springs and replace them. Since removing or replacing the springs can be very dangerous, we recommend you go with a garage door technician. We are here for a free consultation to answer any questions.

The number one reason why you have a garage door spring break

It gets worn out. It doesn’t matter how expensive or fance your spring is, eventually it’s going to bite the dust. Of course, a higher quality spring will last much longer and is much less likely to snap and leave you stranded with your car stuck in the garage while your daughter is waiting in the rain to be picked up from soccer practice.

Your garage door torsion spring system is designed to last 10,000-20,000 cycles (going up and down) before they break. If you come in and out of your garage everytime you come home, it might open and close more than your front door. Plus, there’s always the kids running in and out – if you start doing the math you can see why you need garage door repairs here and there.

Springs also wear out faster because they aren’t being maintained properly. Think about it – have you ever greased your springs? Have you checked their balance to make sure one side isn’t working harder than the other? Don’t be embarrassed if the answer is no – most people don’t realize what they need to do until it’s too late.

On top of all of that, your springs will start to rust if they get wet. Hopefully your garage ceiling is waterproof, but if you live somewhere humid, you might be surprised that water could condense on the springs in the summer if it’s really hot outside and cold in your garage, or vice versa in the winter.

Can you repair broken springs ?

As we mentioned, out of all possible garage door related repairs, replacing the springs is really the most dangerous, without exaggeration. In addition, it can take hours to fix and require special tools and at least one other person to help you manage everything.

Springs Replacement

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Types of springs

There are two types of springs most commonly used in garage door systems – torsion springs and extension springs.

Torsion springs work with a winding cone to raise and lower your garage door. Torsion springs work via torque, which is a fancy way of saying it turns. Just like in your car engine, the more torque you have, the more power you’ll have to raise and lower your garage door, which is helpful if you have a particularly heavy door or want to open it quickly.

Extension springs are the most commonly found springs in garage doors, especially residential ones where the ceiling is relatively low. These springs expand and contract as they work, and therefore can be prone to snapping. Nowadays these types of springs are always sold with a safety system in place to protect you in case one snaps. If you have a very old garage door opener you’ll want to check to make sure you have this safety system in place.

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