Looking For A Garage Door Opener Replacement?

How Do I Know If I Need To Replace My Garage Door Opener?

At Mountain Garage Door, we believe that your garage door opener is the muscle that powers your garage door. Don’t wait for that power to go out to start thinking about replacing it! In fact, you may want to replace your garage door opener before it breaks for the following reasons:

Protect your house with the latest technology

If you have an old door and system, your opener might be an easy target for thieves to break into your home as some technologies that allow the remote control to work can be hacked.

Also, if you have smart technology in other parts of your home, doesn’t it make sense to make sure your smart home includes your garage door opener? Don’t worry about losing your door remote, when you can open and close your garage door with your smartphone.

Prevent surprises like your opener suddenly not working one day and not being able to move your car

These things always break at the worst possible time. Don’t get stuck in or out of your garage and not be able to go pick up your kid from baseball practice or mom from the airport.

Ensure you have the safest door opener to protect your family

If your door opener hasn’t been replaced since the 1990s you might be putting your family’s safety at risk. Older garage door openers didn’t require a sensor to prevent the door from closing on something (or someone). The latest technology will ensure that your garage door is smart enough to sense if there is something or someone under the door before it gets too low and quickly reverse, preventing damages, injuries, or worse.

Your garage door remote control is lost or stolen

Again, depending on how old your door opener is, you might be better off replacing the whole thing than trying to replace your existing garage door opener. If it’s so easy for you to get a new remote to open your door, then what could be stopping someone else from easily getting a similar remote to open your garage door when you’re not home?

Mountain Garage Door cares about you and your family’s safety. That’s why we know all about the safest door options and smart home technology to keep your home secure. In addition, we promise to honestly let you know if your door opener just needs to be repaired or replaced.

Are you wondering, ‘Why Is My Garage Opener So Noisy’?

Another reason to replace your garage door opener is because it’s LOUD. Newer models use new technology belt drives to raise and lower your door quietly. There are also a variety of belt options that attach to your door that can determine how noisy or quiet your door opener is. Our trusted and certified technicians can explain which door opener option is best for your home or business.

Questions You Might Have About Your Remote

Sometimes the problem isn’t with the door opener itself, but rather with the remote control. Garage door opener remote controls need to be replaced too. We can also provide you with a variety of remote options – from a simple control you can place on your keychain, to the classic kind you clip to your car visor.

Before you run to The Home Depot or some other big box store to replace your garage door opener, let our in house experts walk you through your options to fit your budget and install it for you right away. Call us today for your free estimate.